A Lyrical Bibliography
13 September – 31 October 2021
(coinciding with Black History Month 2021)
Location: Slessor Gardens, Dundee.

A Lyrical Bibliography foregrounds the intellectual and artistic vision of black creators.
Making this text-based art project was an opportunity for me to engage more deeply with the work of some of the black writers, designers, thinkers, and artists I admire.

A Lyrical Bibliography consists of thirty-plus intriguing titles referring to equally intriguing exhibitions, essays, poems, podcasts, and more (many of which are available online). As an aggregate, these titles become a poetic text of sorts. This ‘text’ can also be used as a resource to find works by black creators to reflect on, as well as, be inspired by.

This work has been developed with support from Sharing Not Hoarding and a PDF of the Bibliography can be accessed here .

Sculptural Behaviour, 2021
an NFT
Out now: an essay on my practice by Elizabeth Ann Day in Windfall*