Contributions forthcoming in Montez Press (Nov 2020) and  Windfall* (January 2021)

In My House
Curated by: Abigail Miller
From 12 October 2020

“ ‘In My House’ is an artist led project, utilising pre-existing, inhabited space and presenting contemporary art within it. “
Installed text in the domestic sphere.

HOAX is an ongoing curatorial project.
Index (aaah), 2020
Online contribution of a text work

Issue 49
A literary contribution

An artist publication available to buy at Good Press and NewBridge Bookshop.  TEXT MACHINE was also available at the Dublin Art Book Fair 2019, from 21 November to 1 December 2019.

Piano Microstories
A photographic contribution in Fabrizio Paterlini’s publication
Piano Microstories – The Eighth Note.
The photograph is a  response to Microstory #21.

ToCall No.8
A magazine focussing on concrete/experimental visual poetry
Edited by: Petra Schulze-Wollgast
One-page contribution

Levee Magazine
Fall 2019 – Issue 3
Bones of a myth, 2019
Digital photograph
Front cover of Levee Magazine

The Adirondack Review
Summer 2019
four photographs

The Journal of Artists’ Books
Spring, 2019, Issue 45
edited by: Brad Freeman
Two-page contribution

Monstrous Regiment
Literary magazine
One-page photographic contribution in ‘Emerald’
January 2019

A Linguistic Incident
Solo exhibition
Nomas* Projects
Dundee, UK
Until 4 November 2018
The phrase on the windows: snippy, critical, nebulous, cantankerous or ironic and exuberant. The words now hoover; they seem suspended in the air as if uttered…

SCAN, an exhibition in portable format
Hold Residency
With: Mateus Acioli, Donald Butler, Hyun Cho , Susannah Curran,  Noemi Diamantini, Ewa Doroszenko, Filipe Filgueiras, Matheus Freitas, Nikolay Georgiev, Maya Glucoz, David Hanes, Stelios Ilchouk, Gabriel Junqueira, Zeynep Kayan, Barbaros Kisakol, Campbell McConnell, Moira Ness, Kristina Ollek + Kert Viiart, Sean Roy Parker, Duncan Poulton, Annie Riga, Alison Scott, Emir Sehanovic, Veronika Sergeeva, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Katrina Stamatopoulos, Sebastian Thewes, Inga Tilda, Javier Torras, Wis Villefort, Frances Whorrall-Campbell, Rebecca Young, Claire Yspol

Open Exhibition 2018
NN Contemporary Art
selected by: Kaavous Clayton, Jules Devonshire, Roxy Walsh
Northampton, UK
13 January–17 March 2018

With: Jonathan Alibone, Zahra Amirkamali, Emily Arnold, Tristram Aver, Catherine Baker, Sharon Baker, Sophie Bament, Emma Barford, Ben Bird, Giulia Cacciuttolo, Lorsen Camps, Tadao Cern, Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, George Chinnery, Fran Copeman, Benjamin Duax, Daniel Earey, Robert Fitzmaurice, Louise Freeman, James Fuller, Alison Goodyear, Anna Gonzalez, John Griff, Colette Griffin, Keren Goresh-Freedman, Luke Harby, Jade Hanley, Matt James Healy, Charlie Hurcombe, Sarah Jenkins, Sarah Louise Keber, Jonathan Kelham, Kyle Kirkpatrick, Marine Lefebvre, Silvia Lerin, Maria Lewis, William Lindley, Eugene Macki, Zara Makhdoom, Tahira Mandarino, Ryoko Minamitani, Alvin Ong, Sylvia Owens, Alistair Payne, Karen Piddington, Maksim Podorozkin, Duncan Poulton, Richard Powell, Lisa Price, Srecko Radivojcevic, Alison Ranson, Attia Rashid, Chernaya Rechka, Scott Robertson, Luis Filipe Salgado Pereira Rodrigues, Marjan Samie, Cassander Edftinck Schattenkerk, Veronica Slater, Emily Sparkes, Stephanie Spindler, Alcaeus Spyrou, Natalka Liber Stephenson, Pamina Stewart, James Tebbutt,
Clare Thatcher, David Theobald, Ross Tomkins, Mererid Velios, Satu Viljanen, Jane Walker, Mark Wilsher, Claire Yspol, Jasmin Yusuf.

the icing room
curated by: Isobel Atacus
22 – 29 December 2017

With:  Sophie Marsh, Campbell MCconnell, Helen Stokes, Katherine Leedale, Ceyda Oskay
Anais Comer, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, João Ferro-Martins, Lise Bardou, Lorna Reed, Jamie Stilby-Harris, Alex McNamee, Shao-Jie Lin, Hannah Gilson, Clare Dorber, Ellie Pratt, Claire Yspol, Jonathon Halls, Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Denise Hickey, Laura Copsey, Flora Bradwell, Isobel Atacus