Bite, 2022
A short experimental text with food as its focus.

Art Homepage Fair
Notations, 2021

A Lyrical Bibliography
An site-specific artwork in the centre of Dundee for Black History month.
With support from Dundee City Council and Sharing Not Hoarding

An essay written by Windfall* editor Elizabeth Ann Day,
to be included in the second issue of  Windfall*,  which also
features Daisy Chetwin,  Zoë Marden, and Judit Flóra Schuller.
January 2021

Montez Press
A short text available on the Montez Press website.
November 2020

In My House
Curated by: Abigail Miller
From 12 October 2020
“ ‘In My House’ is an artist led project, utilising pre-existing, inhabited space and presenting contemporary art within it. “
Installed text in the domestic sphere.

HOAX is an ongoing curatorial project.
Index (aaah), 2020
Online contribution of a text work

“in.oscillation is a collaborative online library of rhythms of resistance, expansion, meditation and solidarity.”
Curated by: Cairo Clarke
Online contribution of a text work (An exercise in being present)

Issue 49
A literary contribution

An artist publication available to buy at Good Press and NewBridge Bookshop.  TEXT MACHINE was also available at the Dublin Art Book Fair 2019, from 21 November to 1 December 2019.

Piano Microstories
A photographic contribution in Fabrizio Paterlini’s publication
Piano Microstories – The Eighth Note.
The photograph is a  response to Microstory #21.

ToCall No.8
A magazine focussing on concrete/experimental visual poetry
Edited by: Petra Schulze-Wollgast
One-page contribution

The Adirondack Review
Summer 2019
four photographs

The Journal of Artists’ Books
Spring, 2019, Issue 45
Edited by: Brad Freeman
Two-page contribution

Monstrous Regiment
Literary magazine
One-page photographic contribution in ‘Emerald’

A Linguistic Incident
Solo exhibition
Nomas* Projects
Dundee, UK
Until 4 November 2018
The phrase on the windows: snippy, critical, nebulous, cantankerous or ironic and exuberant. The words now hoover; they seem suspended in the air as if uttered…

SCAN, an exhibition in a portable format
Hold Residency
With: Mateus Acioli, Donald Butler, Hyun Cho , Susannah Curran,  Noemi Diamantini, Ewa Doroszenko, Filipe Filgueiras, Matheus Freitas, Nikolay Georgiev, Maya Glucoz, David Hanes, Stelios Ilchouk, Gabriel Junqueira, Zeynep Kayan, Barbaros Kisakol, Campbell McConnell, Moira Ness, Kristina Ollek + Kert Viiart, Sean Roy Parker, Duncan Poulton, Annie Riga, Alison Scott, Emir Sehanovic, Veronika Sergeeva, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Katrina Stamatopoulos, Sebastian Thewes, Inga Tilda, Javier Torras, Wis Villefort, Frances Whorrall-Campbell, Rebecca Young, Claire Yspol

the icing room
Curated by: Isobel Atacus
22 – 29 December 2017

With:  Sophie Marsh, Campbell McConnell, Helen Stokes, Katherine Leedale, Ceyda Oskay
Anais Comer, Emily Stapleton-Jefferis, João Ferro-Martins, Lise Bardou, Lorna Reed, Jamie Stilby-Harris, Alex McNamee, Shao-Jie Lin, Hannah Gilson, Clare Dorber, Ellie Pratt, Claire Yspol, Jonathon Halls, Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Denise Hickey, Laura Copsey, Flora Bradwell, Isobel Atacus