normal activity

Precarious Archive, 2013-ongoing


In Precarious Archive the physical
book becomes a building, an
alternative space that houses
between its pages ephemera of
my choosing such as
photographs, notes, and
drawings. This archive spans
across different venues (libraries
and archives) in different
countries, it is private and public,
parasitic and precarious; there is
no published list of the books I’ve
used as vessels for ephemera,
instead I want for people to come
across them by chance.

Slotting for example a drawing
into a book, means placing a
different narrative alongside the
existing one, if found the drawing
interrupts the relatively
straightforward relationship
between book and reader; the
focus now being on the physical
as well as the virtual space of the

Modern Distribution, 2012-


Modern Distribution is a book arts
project in which found books are
altered and then redistributed.
These altered publications can be
found on the shelves of
bookshops around the country
and beyond, where they are
clandestinely waiting to be
viewed and/ or taken
away. Although the chance
encounter is important, the
whereabouts of some of these
works may get published in the